A communion of persons gathered for worship and public service within the Christian Apostolic tradition

Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church

The Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church
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Our Mission

The Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church (ACOC) is a communion of persons gathered for worship and public ministry outreach within the Christian apostolic tradition. The church encourages the development of creative ministries and core worship communities which give expression to the openness of life in the Spirit of God.

The ACOC emphasizes the importance of the life of the church as community, that all may be one in Christ (John 17), through mutual helpfulness, ministering to one another and all creation in love, through the diversity of personal giftedness and sensitivity to the particular needs of those being served.

The church values and promotes spiritually based, courageous, and compassionate ministry to both personal and global needs. Ongoing spiritual growth is to be nourished through sacred study and contemplative prayer.

At the center of the church's public worship if the Eucharistic liturgy (scripture, teaching, prayer, Holy Communion, and blessing), in which all are invited to participate.

Also offered for ministry are the other sacraments of the Christian Church: Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Marriage, Anointing of the Sick, and Holy Orders.

Holy Orders are open to both women and men, single or married  The Orders of Bishop, Priest, and Deacon exist for the service of spiritual leadership in facilitating expression of the life of God - in the cel;ebration of the sacraments, counseling and pastoral care, teaching, and public advocacy of Gospel values.

Clergy of the ACOC operates collegially and share in common with all members of the church in the priesthood of Christ.  The church currently has clergy on the East Coast, the Mid-West, the Great Lakes and Sun Belt regions of North America and in Europe. ACOC clergy are involved in a wide variety of self-directed and self-supported ministerial activities. The ACOC draws together both the Eastern and Western lines of Apostolic Succession, and encourages ecumenical communication and mutual respect among persons of the various spiritual heritages. The church aims to embody the unifying and healing Light of Christ as it reaches out to the needs of humanity in the love of God.