A communion of persons gathered for worship and public service within the Christian Apostolic tradition

Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church

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Ministry in the ACOC spans the full spectrum of Christian ministry.  Our Priests and Deacons serve in parishes, civilian and military chaplaincies, social service agencies and teaching institutions.

Parishes and Missions

Atlantic Region

Church of Compassionate Love:  Rev. Susan Rosak                                                Bethlehem, PA  610-758-9727

Joint Forces Staff College Chapel: CDR Steve Dundas CHC USN                         Norfolk, VA  757-443-6121

Mid-Continent Region

St. Luke's Worship Community: Pastor - Rev. Arthur Jacobson                            Rock Rapids, IA  605-261-8230

Gulf Coast Region

St. Francis of Assisi Parish: Pastor - Most Rev. Diana C. Dale                                 Houston, TX  713-266-2456

Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care Counseling and Social Service Ministries

U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps: Rev. Steven L. Dundas, Joint Forces Staff College    Norfolk, VA  757-418-4002  (cell)

The Center for Spiritual Growth:  Rev. Susan Rosak, Chaplain                             Bethlehem, PA  610-758-9727

Worklife Institute - Workplace Chaplaincy and Counseling Center                     Houston, TX  713-266-2456

Texas Veterans Worklife Transition Program: Most Rev. Diana C. Dale

                                                                                 President, Chaplain

Red River Hospital: Rev. Cesar Diaz, Chaplain and Clinical Case Manager         Wichita Falls, TX 972-849-3195

Hospice, Sanford Health Care, Care Team Member: Rev. Art Jacobson               Rock Rapids, IA  605-261-8230

The Ozark Center, Crisis Counseling: Rev. Aric O. Bokker                                     Joplin, MO 417- 347-7720

Houston Methodisst West, Staff Chaplain:  Rev. M. Tod Ziegler                            Houston, TX  832-859-5687

Education Ministries

Adjunct Instructor, Theology and Ethics:  Rev. Alexandra E. Honigsberg            St. John's University

                                                                                                                                           Queens, NY  917-405-0674

Adjunct Instructor:  Rev. Susan S. Rosak                                                                    Moravian Seminary

                                                                                                                                           Bethlehem, PA 610-758-9727

Rev. Danielline Martinez                                                                                               New York, NY  347-526-0808

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